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Carnicom Institute Overview

Environmental Research Scientist Clifford Carnicom of The Carnicom Institute presents an Overview of His most recent Work. This Presentation was released on 11/17/20.

There are 2 Roundtable Disclosure Episodes following the Part 1 Overview Presentation. In Part 2, Clifford was joined by Dr. Carrie Madej that was Recorded on 11/4/20.

Part 3 Features Dr. Judy Mikovits and Dr. Robert Young along with Attorney David Mieswinkle and was recorded on 11/5/20.

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Moving forward, all Disclosure Project Efforts will be referred to as The Carnicom Foundation Disclosure Project in Association with Transparent Media Truth.

The transition from Institute to Foundation acknowledges the point in time where the focus of the Institute transitions from Research based to that of Public Education and Advocacy.

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We are humbled and grateful for all Support from the Community. Additionally, TMT wishes to express Our sincere gratitude and thanks to Clifford & All supporting Staff at The Carnicom Institute for Their tenacious and altruistic efforts in serving Humanity.

Once One comprehends the significance of this Research, It is no understatement or embellishment to state this Research and Efforts made by the Carnicom Institute spanning over 20 Years is most certainly worthy of Nobel Prize consideration.

Please be sure to visit the extensive documentation that has been provided to the public on The Carnicom Institute website.

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Thank You for seeing the undeniable value in this Research and of course for sharing this heavily censored Biological & Environmental Science. At the very least, Humanity is owed answers and We at Transparent Media Truth are looking forward to networking with Those willing to effectively address this nonconsensual exposure in a professional & proactive manner.

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Carnicom Institute Disclosure Project Part 02:

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